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You Don't Need To Make ANY Content Yourself - We Provide You With Access All Areas Content To Over 200 Million Films, Songs, Podcasts, "How To" Videos And More!

From Famous Celebs Like Charlie Chaplin, Jackie Chan & Even Music Composers Like Beethoven & Motzart AND MORE - All At Your Fingertips AND FREE TO USE!

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News Flash!!!


Before We Proceed... I NEED TO Share The EXCITEMENT Here At TVBoss!  Newcomers and current TV Boss Fire users.. You NEED to listen up closely! There’s been an exciting new development during the summer of 2023, that's exposed a MASSIVE opportunity every single one of us can capitalize on with Connected TV... Imagine accessing one of the largest untapped sources of targeted audiences, hungry for YOUR content... 

Now imagine up to 45% of those who are already taking advantage of this untapped market... just POOF... disappears!

Yes, almost half of your potential competition – GONE!!

Roku TV are cleaning out the old channels called "Direct Publisher" &  replacing them with the newer version "SDK" channels - THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

Customers served! 100 Customers served!

And NOW - Imagine teaming up with one of the most affordable, most trusted, most turnkey Connected TV channel creators in the business, to help you make waves in your market faster and easier than ever before… That's right, US!

Combine this with the rapidly growing Amazon Fire TV services we can access to upload our channels... Along with HTML websites, blogs and wordpress sites... You're in Prime Position for a BIG WIN!

Not forgetting the seasonal times quickly approaching, and those who jump into the Hype of Chrismtas, Thanksgiving & Halloween are seeing tremendous results year on year.

So pay attention, because opportunities like this don't come around often.

IT'S YOUR TIME TO IGNITE YOUR BUSINESS - Read on to find out more

Direct Publisher Channels Are Dead...

Long Live SDK Channels

Nearly HALF of Roku's competing channels are being removed...

Bringing in a HEAP of WINS for those who take up the challenge of replacing them!

Roku recently told us...the old way of creating tv channels will be discontinued!
We were immediately concerned… In fact, the WHOLE Roku Community was in an UPROAR –
Within days our current way of creating channels will STOP...AND during January 2024, they will remove channels made by people around the world…

Not just TVBoss Fire users… But EVERYONE!

So, What did we do?

We adapted, changed... And within 5 days we evolved our system to work with their way!

It’s common that people don’t like change, But WE DO!

In Fact.... WE LOVE IT!! Change is often a VERY GOOD thing!

And the changes we've made shocked us!!

Since Then... We’ve seen tremendous results!

There's now a FANTASTIC opportunity for us to turn this change into a WINNER for us ALL - Approximately 45% of channels are the older "Direct Publisher" Channels!

Meaning that we can now make new channels to replace the old!

We're onto a HUGE winner by having less competition and the same amount of users on Roku TV!

These New SDK Channels I’m About To Show You…

Were only doing “okay” But check them out now!
Before and After:

Here’s One Channel…
Before and After the
change to “SDK"

Slide to the RIGHT to see the BEFORE; Slide to the left to see the AFTER

April 1, 2023 BEFORE: Direct Publisher Channel AND August 10, 2023 AFTER: SDK Channel
Before and After

One Channel's Results

Slide to the RIGHT to see the BEFORE; Slide to the left to see the AFTER

April 1, 2023 BEFORE: Direct Publisher Channel AND August 10, 2023 AFTER: SDK Channel
Before and After

One Of Our
Channel's Results 

Slide to the RIGHT to see the BEFORE; Slide to the left to see the AFTER

April 1, 2023 BEFORE: Direct Publisher Channel AND August 10, 2023 AFTER: SDK Channel

Wondering What
Connected (online) TV is?!

Connected TV, also known as online TV refers to any TV that can be connected to the internet and access content beyond what is available via the normal offering from a cable provider.

Smart TVs, Smart Devices, Mobile & Tablet... Connect to the internet and stream TV!

People simply create an account, login and watch unlimited content on their TVs & Devices. 

The age of cable TV is dying fast... And Connected (online) Television is HERE, allowing people like you to build a profitable new-age business that is at the peak of the media evolution timeline.

Expert in their corner

Our team boasts industry veterans who understand the nuances of TV Channels. With our guidance, They're set to navigate the CTV landscape with ease.

Thanks to our good friends at


You can NOW GET in front of  MASSIVE, 
Content Hungry Audiences!

These 2 Streaming Giants

 Active Monthly Viewers In The US ALONE

Success is common with TVBoss Fire...
We've A Story For You:

Meet Derronne, one of our users who quickly rose to super-stardom!

He didn't have any knowledge of the television realm, he merely took advantage of what we provided and took action!

His First channel...

Derronne Made His FIRST Ever Channels In Roku & Amazon Fire Within Minutes

With ZERO Prior Experience

His First Sale...

Derronne then moved on to make his first EVER sale in the television realm


The Message That Made Us So Proud

Derronne then went on to message me this very month to share his love for The TVBoss Fire family and mentor!


A Full-Time Career Is Possible FOR ANYONE - That Includes YOU!

We work hard to provide the best system, the best training & the VERY BEST support!

Success is common with TVBoss Fire, and with TVBoss Fire IGNITE, it's about to get EVEN BIGGER results!

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So Far This Year In 2023.. Derronne Has Turned His TV Buisiness Into A GOLDMINE!


Success is around the corner with TVBoss Fire IGNITE on your side, with the training, the platform, further education, a community to support you and our PREMIUM 24/7 LIVE CHAT SUPPORT For ALL Members - You Can Become Your Own Boss Too!

We're here for you, the system works for you and the realm you're about to enter is the most powerful arena you can enter that is NOT saturated, and as of January 2024... 45%+ of your competition are about to VANISH!

So, We've One Simple Question For You?

Secure purchase. 30 day ‘love it or your money back’  No question asked


Premium TV Channel Creation Awaits With TVBoss Fire IGNITE!
Here Are Some Channels That Our Users Have Made:

Introducing The NEW TVBoss Fire IGNITE

IGNITE Your Profit Potential!

SDK Upgrade: Revolutionizing Engagement

Get ready to witness engaged like never before. With our SDK Upgrade, It's COMMON that channels experience an extraordinary surge in uploads, a substantial reduction in uninstalls, and users who stay glued to the content.

It's time to leave traditional engagement methods behind and step into the era of unparalleled viewer interaction.

QR Code Creation: Supercharge Your Conversion Game

Remember the buzz around Coinbase's Super Bowl ad with its clever QR code?

Now, it's our turn to wield the power of QR codes on TV.

Imagine captivating your audience and driving conversions with a simple scan.

The potential is limitless, and the rewards are waiting for smart marketers.

GET ME MY CONTENT: Unleash Limitless Possibilities

Access over 200,000,000 pieces of content at your fingertips. From iconic movies starring legends like Jackie Chan and Charlie Chaplin to timeless musical compositions by Beethoven and Mozart, the possibilities are boundless.

Take your audience on a journey through entertainment, news, podcasts, documentaries, and more!

The Traffic Academy Bootcamp LIVE SESSIONS:
Elevate Your Expertise

Education is key to success, and our Traffic Academy Bootcamp LIVE SESSIONS are the pathway to becoming a true TV master. Combine a robust product with top-tier education, and watch these premium CTV channels flourish like never before.

 The “Dotcom Explosion” Training: Monetize Like Never Before

Stay ahead of the curve with our "Dotcom Explosion" Training, offering a unique monetization strategy that's set to dominate 2024. Secure your position as a pioneer in the industry, and watch your revenues soar.

IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! Live Training: Celebrate Year-Round Profits

Turn seasons into streams of profit!

Our live training sessions empower users to leverage holidays and special occasions for consistent revenue throughout the year.

Say hello to a business that thrives no matter the season!

Channel Sniper Training:
Conquer the Channel Space

With a significant number of Roku TV channels opening up, the space is yours for the taking. (approx45% of channels)

Our Channel Sniper Training equips you with the insights to understand what works, identify channels that are departing, and quickly fill the void with your captivating content.

"Rate My Mate" Community: 
Elevate Together

Join our exclusive "Rate My Mate" community, a hub of mutual support where ratings propel your channels to new heights.

Imagine a network where success is shared, and higher rankings are just a rating away.

A journey with TVBoss Fire IGNITE is an opportunity like no other.

The TV landscape is evolving, and success is within your grasp. Don't let this chance slip through your fingers. Seize the power to transform your TV channel into a profit powerhouse today!

You can enter virtually any niche and in multiple languages.

It's totally free to submit tv channels to Roku & Amazon Fire.

Just fire up TVBoss, Create Your Channels & Reap The Rewards Like 1000's Of Others Have - Users of TVBoss Fire have Generated MILLIONS of Leads, Entered the home virtually to millions of people and collectively been making MILLIONS of dollars over the past FIVE years.

Isn't it time that YOU had your fair share?

This cloud-based software lets YOU leverage 100's of MILLIONS of engaged viewers on BOTH Roku & Amazon Fire

With zero tech skills, hassles or outsourcing.

Create MULTIPLE income streams including passive profits, recurring payments from advertisers & increased sales of your own products & services … While building targeted lists in ANY niche! Set up traffic-driving channels from right inside the software …
And get results from OTHER people’s content ... For a sustainable, LEGITIMATE business you can be proud of.

Seen Enough?


This cloud-based software lets YOU leverage 100's of MILLIONS of engaged viewers on BOTH Roku & Amazon Fire - With zero tech skills, hassles or outsourcing.

Create MULTIPLE income streams including passive profits, recurring payments from advertisers & increased sales of your own products & services … While building targeted lists in ANY niche! Set up traffic-driving channels from right inside the software …
And get results from OTHER people’s content ... For a sustainable,  LEGITIMATE business you can be proud of.

Secure purchase. 30 day ‘love it or your money back’  No question asked


We train you how to acquire the good stuff for your TV Channels FOR 100% free As We Are GIFTING You Access To Our Archive!

Before We Begin... I want you to know... 95% of the results on this page come from people using the content of others!

Without getting on camera... Without having camera equipment and video... No need for paying for actors, actresses, film crews... None of what you may think you need is actually needed!

We teach you how to get legally usable FREE content to feed your hungry viewers! It takes minutes and is EASY to do!


Make Money Using Other
People’s Content in Multiple
Ways Using Over 200,000,000+ Pieces Of Media Like Movies, Music, Documentaries, PodCasts AND MORE!

Getting Content Just Got A Heck Of A Lot Easier – For three days we’re gifting you access to our content library listings to access over 200 MILLION Pieces of content to build your TV channels GRAB AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!


We are talking Content Monetization at its finest!

And we are not just talking about little snippets here and there to piece together… I am talking about WHOLE shows, films, podcasts, songs… AND MORE!
You name it… MILLIONS OF THEM! And all this content is just waiting to be plucked out of their hidey-holes and ready to be utilized PROPERLY!
Content is HUGE these days... And people are literally scanning the internet increasingly for it.

And with this in plain sight, smart marketers are realizing that there’s ways to make money from this opportunity that you too can seize.

We've A Membership Crafted To Help People Just Like You Find The Good Stuff
That Other Marketers Don't Even know Where To Look!




Roku & Amazon  holds 80% of the connected TV space Now In 2023.

Viewers TUNE IN for an average of

50 hours (each) PER MONTH...

How did this happen..?

Craig Crawford & The TVBoss Team.

“What we saw happening with Global Streaming Online TV was mind-blowing!  Then, We had an idea!

What happened next is changing lives FAST!

TVBoss Fire Creator:

Craig Crawford, Software development & marketing company owner – Helps anyone from newbies to pros of any age and abilities, to create and manage online TV content around the world.

“54% Growth In Global Live TV Streaming”


-Conviva has released its State of the Streaming TV Industry Report, which shows the staggering growth in global TV streaming ...
-Roku remains the leader among Conviva’s customer base of connected TV devices with a steady 40% share of viewing hours … yet Amazon Fire TV is growing rapidly with a 500% increase in share of viewing hours


In Our First Three Channels Made…  “We somehow found an extra $25,407.03 in the bank!


See TVBOSS Fire Simple 3-Step Process In Action
In This Short Overview Video:

Secure purchase. 30 day ‘love it or your money back’  No questions asked


The Simple Three
Steps Process

You've just watched has been HELPING PEOPLE LIKE TAMMY MAKE $180.000+ in 2022 & in2023 she's already STEAMED into over $70.000+ of incoming sales 

Don't just listen to us... We'll let Tammy tell you!

Has Many Features & Benefits!

Two TV Channel Platforms

Roku & Amazon Fire TV
Channel Creation.


No Uploading The App Onto Servers Or Anything Techy.

Fill In The Blanks Setup

A System Designed To Avoid Confusion By Guiding You Through What You Need To Do.

About Channel & Watch Pages

Made To Be Compliant With Amazon & Roku Along With Extra Outside Traffic Potential!

Created To Support All Videos Needed

TVBoss Fire Supports All Video Types Allowed By Roku & Amazon Fire.

Scheduled Posting

Set And Forget Your Channel For Long-Term Channel Creation Once Set Up.

Desktop Apps

Prefer To Work From Your Desktop? We Have Mac & Linux Desktop Apps Made To Allow This.

Full Step-By-Step Training

Follow Our Tutorials For The Quickest And Best Results In Creating Your Channels!


We Have LIVE 24/7 Customer Support To Help You With Your Needs

Embed TV Channels

Embed TV Channels Into Your Website With Copy And Paste Ease!

TVBoss Family Group

Rub Shoulders, Share Ideas And Connect With The TVBoss Family Members Who Already Have Created Their Own Businesses And Channels.

Free Wordpress Plugin

Free Wordpress Plugin To Add Your
TV Channels To Blog Post And WordPress Website

EPIC RESULTS!!!! Newest users generated his first $10,000+ per year

Derronne is one of the newest power users & used TVBoss Fire to generate his first $10,000+ per year deal with a former NFL player for the San Diego chargers, Mr Mike Moore


We're Gifting You A TVBoss Fire WordPress Plugin For Your Sites!

how To Use The TVBoss Fire Premium Plugin:

We’re gifting YOU a FREE WordPress Plugin to help you get your channel content into your WordPress blog within a FEW clicks…
helping to spread your content further, grow your TV Channels and get more benefits… ALL FOR FREE!


Login to the Wordpress plugin using your login:


Choose your TV Channel content of where you wish you post it:


Take your shortcode and paste it into your pages & blogposts!

STEP 3.1

Paste it into your pages and blogpost

STEP 3.2

It’ll look like this

This is how simple it is to use:

Adding your content to
your blog posts and pages:

Getting Results using TVBoss Fire is not uncommon.

This is not a here today, gone tomorrow... A fly-by-night product that will leave you disappointed..

TVBoss Fire is a tried and battle tested System that helps you build a real business and get you REAL RESULTS.

These people you're seeing on this very page all are REAL and all exist in the TVBoss Fire Family Facebook Group.

PER Household There Are On Average THREE People Watching/Streaming At Once! This Adds Up To

(And we didn't even account for Smart TVs, Consoles, Devices AND MORE!)

AND you are NOT limited to running your channels on just the TV...
With the ultimate TV Channel Creation System on your side...

You can ALSO run YOUR channel content on your WEBSITE TOO!
Just Like The One Below Which Only Took 20 seconds To Copy & Paste! 

Your OWN TV Channels created by users , like these for example...

  • Leverage your current website traffic to generate MORE channel subscribers
  • Drive more sales & commissions from the offers on your site
  • Get MORE organic traffic to your websites from search
  • Create powerful authority status by displaying your on-demand channels to your site visitors


THAT is what


  • Your own never-ending traffic source with over 500 MILLION+ consumers - and counting - From 2 of the largest streaming platforms on the planet

  • Making ongoing income WITHOUT even selling - Just by flipping a switch, earn hands-free profits from advertisers that find you

  • Banking HUGE upfront & ONGOING payments - From companies that want their share of online streaming audiences

  • Effortlessly building TARGETED lists in any niche - Lists you can market to WHENEVER you choose

  • Selling MORE of your products & services to a hungry, UNTAPPED market


  • Paid Traffic & Promotions
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Creating Your OWN Content
  • Time Wasting SEO
  • Coding & Developers
  • Struggling for Audience

How Fast Can YOU Get Results?

  • You can have traffic-driving channels running on 2 leading platforms AND EVEN your own websites in less than 2hours from RIGHT now

  • You can be making automated ad revenue inside of 3 days … and make upfront income from advertisers in even less time

  • 20 minutes per day is ALL it’ll take to keep the traffic, leads & profits rolling in - without even creating a SINGLE video!

You may feel lost in the past with your purchases from vendors


But we are totally different in comparison with our education systems in place that help you as much as humanly possible to get your channels made and making money asap!

What our customers say about us

TVBoss Fire Has Generated Over $1,170,000 Dollars For It's Loyal Affiliates!

Best Platform for Creating TV Channels

A great platform for creating tv channels for Amazon Fire Tv and Roku Tv The software TVBoss creates tv channels very quickly and easily with a little support of the very knowledgeable support staff.
Their Facebook groups also have members give other members tips and tricks to help too.

I managed to set up two channels within a couple of weeks, including the time learning how to use the software!


If you want to become your own boss and a TV boss, this is the software to use. You get support and a community that cares! You will love it!

Dexter Bailey

Great People that go above an beyond the call. The product is Excellent, Service is great, and the opportunity can be life changing.

Joe Dorner

Since 2019 I have seen companies come and go. I can truly say that this company is serious about the clients they serve. We really appreciate everything you do to keep us up to date.


Best Support On The Planet!!!
These guys went above and beyond to help me get my channel up and running.

I ran into problems and they were right there to help, to fix any issues.
Very responsive and knowledgeable.
I look forward to working with them to launch more channels and content in the near future


I used this and it’s easy to use, everything works just like they said I love it

Terry Ewans

The TV Boss Fire platform does make it very easy to set up your connected TV channel.
Sure, there is some work involved in setting up but there is plenty of support provided and I learned a lot very quickly.

The technical side is sorted for you and your channel content and success are only limited by your imagination.

Once you have your chosen niche and sourced your content channel maintenance is so easy - I spend about 2 hours a week on each channel.
Of course, promotion takes time too.

I am very pleased with my TV Boss Fire membership.


As the leader and C.E.O. Of Media Kiings Inc., our company has tested a lot of software and products and I must say not only has TV Boss Fire provided me a way to globally complete our Entertainment business solution and capture an audience that we had only scratched the surface prior.

We are now a major force providing Television that had blossomed into a network program in entertainment.


The entire team at TVBoss does an amazing job of service and they have built a fantastic product.

My goal is to have up 50 channels this year. I highly recommend this program.

Rob D Herget

Been a member for some time now the creators are easy to work with and always there to answer my questions.
Thanks for everything that you-all do.


TVBoss Fire Platform is an excellent product for content creators who want to launch their channels on Roku and Amazon Fire TV easily. It is an affordable and user-friendly platform, enabling users to create and monetize their channels quickly. The platform is reliable, and customer support is responsive.

I recommend TVBoss Fire Platform to content creators who want to expand their reach and monetize their content on Roku and Amazon Fire TV platforms.

It is an excellent investment for users looking for a hassle-free way to launch their channels on these platforms.


TV BOSS has made this a truly easy and affordable and with all the support when required. The Step-by-Step tutorials guide you every step of the way. Share your vision and message with the world with TV Boss you will love it!!!

Having a streaming channel can provide opportunities for monetization, whether it's through advertising or subscriptions.
Ultimately, creating a streaming channel can be a great way to share your vision and message with the world.


Good Software that is easy to use to help build my station.


TVBoss Fire is an innovative app that has allowed me to have access to the digital TV app production space. I enjoy every bit. Thanks guys and kudos


As a new TV station employee, I was pleasantly surprised by the team's passionate support. They provided helpful training and timely, caring support, making this a rare and valuable opportunity for success.


TvBoss Fire team, thank you for your patience and helpfulness! Your amazing product and enduring kindness are greatly appreciated.


Seen Enough?


We're Gifting
you another

Are You A Fan Of Artificial Intelligence? Well, We're  Providing YOU With A Manual On How To CREATE CONTENT For 100% FREE Using ChatGPT!

Our Happy Customers Have A Message For You!
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You Can Even Run LIVE Streams 


 It’s easy to do!

Check Out Results From BETA TESTERS Of This System:

Raven Blair Glover

“I just made $5,000 with the amazing TV Boss program …
I’m just getting started!”

Elle Cursy

“I have made my 1st $10,000 with TV Boss”

EACH Channel Can Give You Multiple Income Streams …
It’s No Wonder That TV Boss Users Are
LOVING Their Results!

Mark Then Went On To Report Back His Channel Generated OVER 70.000 VIEWS


Here’s Some Examples: