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Need A Refresher On What Connected (online) TV is?!

Connected TV, also known as online TV refers to any TV that can be connected to the internet and access content beyond what is available via the normal offering from a cable provider.

Smart TVs, Smart Devices, Mobile & Tablet... Connect to the internet and stream TV!

People simply create an account, login and watch unlimited content on their TVs & Devices. 

The age of cable TV is dying fast... And Connected (online) Television is HERE, allowing people like you to build a profitable new-age business that is at the peak of the media evolution timeline.

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Welcome To TVBoss Fire Agency

TVBoss Fire Agency is the #1 solution for creating and managing tv channels on Roku & Amazon Fire for businesses AROUND THE WORLD

Alongside the SaaS platform, the second vital element of the reason why TVBoss Agency users get so much success is because of the actual education and training they’re given.

This opens the floodgates to:

  • Leads
  • Sales
  • Brand Awareness
  • Authority
  • Traffic
  • Advertising Revenue
  • Discoverability
  • Engagement
  • Income Streams
  • And more!

You can enter virtually any niche and in multiple languages.

You can enter virtually any niche and in multiple languages. AND MAKE BIG BUCKS SELLING CHANNELS TO PEOPLE WANTING TO ENHANCE THEIR REACH!

Meet Tammy:

Our Agency Program has been HELPING PEOPLE LIKE TAMMY MAKE $180.000+ in 2022 & in2023 she's already STEAMED into over $70.000+ of incoming sales 

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Has Many Features & Benefits!

Two TV Channel Platforms

Roku & Amazon Fire TV
Channel Creation.


No Uploading The App Onto Servers Or Anything Techy.

Fill In The Blanks Setup

A System Designed To Avoid Confusion By Guiding You Through What You Need To Do.

About Channel & Watch Pages

Made To Be Compliant With Amazon & Roku Along With Extra Outside Traffic Potential!

Created To Support All Videos Needed

TVBoss Fire Supports All Video Types Allowed By Roku & Amazon Fire.

Scheduled Posting

Set And Forget Your Channel For Long-Term Channel Creation Once Set Up.

Desktop Apps

Prefer To Work From Your Desktop? We Have Mac & Linux Desktop Apps Made To Allow This.

Full Step-By-Step Training

Follow Our Tutorials For The Quickest And Best Results In Creating Your Channels!


We Have LIVE 24/7 Customer Support To Help You With Your Needs

Embed TV Channels

Embed TV Channels Into Your Website With Copy And Paste Ease!

TVBoss Family Group

Rub Shoulders, Share Ideas And Connect With The TVBoss Family Members Who Already Have Created Their Own Businesses And Channels.

Free Wordpress Plugin

Free Wordpress Plugin To Add Your
TV Channels To Blog Post And WordPress Website

One Of Our Latest Agency Members Generated His First $10,000+ Per Year Sale!

Derronne is one of the newest power users & used TVBoss Fire to generate his first $10,000+ per year deal with a former NFL player for the San Diego chargers, Mr Mike Moore

Getting Results using TVBoss Fire is not uncommon.

This is not a here today, gone tomorrow... A fly-by-night product that will leave you disappointed..

TVBoss Fire is a tried and battle tested System that helps you build a real business and get you REAL RESULTS.

These people you're seeing on this very page all are REAL and all exist in the TVBoss Fire Family Facebook Group.

What they say

I was trying to find a way to make money on the internet and have tried many different methods and have not been successful.

Despite all the tries, my luck changed when I stumbled upon an email at the right time and learned about TV Boss fire.

It makes me proud that I made my very first money online with this product.

Kamal Balugan

Entrepreneur |

I’ve been an Agency member for over a year and during that time I have sold multiple channels and multiple programs in 2023.

I will be launching 12 new television channels using this amazing platform that is servicing all of my clients.

My clients are happy.

They are able to get their message out using this platform.

That makes me happy.


Entrepreneur |

... One of the things I love about TV Boss Fire is how intuitive the user interface is. It's simple to upload and organize all sorts of content, from guided meditations to feel-good news stories.

Plus, the platform offers a variety of monetization options so you can earn money from your content in a way that works best for you ...

James Haidle

Entrepreneur |

TVBoss is run by a team of highly dedicated professionals who want us to succeed. They provide the tools, they provide the support and the inspiration. They give us what we need to exceed our expectations.

Why would you want to have your own streaming channel?

Good question. Well, how about dramatically increasing your exposure, along with more than a few opportunities to make money ...

Michael Finlayson

Entrepreneur |

Terry Ewans

I used this and it’s easy to use, everything works just like they said I love it


Since 2019 I have seen companies come and go. I can truly say that this company is serious about the clients they serve. We really appreciate everything you do to keep us up to date.

Joe Dorner

Great People that go above an beyond the call. The product is Excellent, Service is great, and the opportunity can be life changing.

Dexter Bailey


If you want to become your own boss and a TV boss, this is the software to use. You get support and a community that cares!
You will love it!

Hello! I big shout out to the TvBoss Fire Team!  You have always been very patient and gave me great answers to my questions. Your ability to be there when I need you is something that most companies cannot even brag about, but you can! Thank you again for such an amazing product, enduring patience and kindness. I appreciate you!!


As a new TV station employee, I was pleasantly surprised by the team's passionate support. They provided helpful training and timely, caring support, making this a rare and valuable opportunity for success.



The TV Boss Fire platform does make it very easy to set up your connected TV channel.
Sure, there is some work involved in setting up but there is plenty of support provided and I learned a lot very quickly.

The technical side is sorted for you and your channel content and success are only limited by your imagination.

Once you have your chosen niche and sourced your content channel maintenance is so easy - I spend about 2 hours a week on each channel.
Of course, promotion takes time too.

I am very pleased with my TV Boss Fire membership.

Derek Aitken

Owner |

TV BOSS has made this a truly easy and affordable and with all the support when required. The Step-by-Step tutorials guide you every step of the way. Share your vision and message with the world with TV Boss you will love it!!!

Having a streaming channel can provide opportunities for monetization, whether it's through advertising or subscriptions.
Ultimately, creating a streaming channel can be a great way to share your vision and message with the world.

Kellie Felgate

Authorized Distributor |


Good Software that is easy to use to help build my station.

Rob D Herget

The entire team at TVBoss does an amazing job of service and they have built a fantastic product.
My goal is to have up 50 channels this year. I highly recommend this program.

Bolaji Tuase

TVBOSS fire is an innovative app that has allowed me to have access to the digital TV app production space. I enjoy every bit. Thanks guys and kudos


Been a member for some time now the creators are easy to work with and always there to answer my questions.
Thanks for everything that you-all do.

Best Support On The Planet!!!
These guys went above and beyond to help me get my channel up and running.
I ran into problems and they were right there to help, to fix any issues.
Very responsive and knowledgeable.
I look forward to working with them to launch more channels and content in the near future

Lamon Evans

A great platform for creating tv channels for Amazon Fire Tv and Roku Tv
The software TVboss creates tv channels very quickly and easily with a little support of the very knowledgeable support staff.
Their Facebook groups also have members give other members tips and tricks to help too.
I managed to set up two channels within a couple of weeks, including the time learning how to use the software!

Anthony Smith


As the leader and C.E.O. Of Media Kiings Inc., our company has tested a lot of software and products and I must say not only has TV Boss Fire provided me a way to globally complete our Entertainment business solution and capture an audience that we had only scratched the surface prior. We are now a major force providing Television that had blossomed into a network program in entertainment.

A.D. Selders

TVboss Fire Platform is an excellent product for content creators who want to launch their channels on Roku and Amazon Fire TV easily. It is an affordable and user-friendly platform, enabling users to create and monetize their channels quickly. The platform is reliable, and customer support is responsive.
I recommend TVboss Fire Platform to content creators who want to expand their reach and monetize their content on Roku and Amazon Fire TV platforms. It is an excellent investment for users looking for a hassle-free way to launch their channels on these platforms.

James Larson

Seen Enough? Grab TVBoss Fire Now

Carl Story

I am now able to tell my family and friends that I own TV Channels! I have them watching my channels and they are now bragging to their friends about how well I'm doing! Thanks Craig and tvboss family I'm a Rock Star!!!
Thanks Craig!!!

Aaron B. Wheeler

Since I’ve started, the TV Bossfire team has been helpful and the tvbf Community truly look out for one another. TVB software is solid and easy. The software is only as good that the service and the TVB team and family is what will help you to be successful! Thank TVB fam!

Hollis Chapman

As the host of the Hollis Chapman Show, I cannot express enough how much the TVboss Fire Platform has transformed my broadcasting experience for the better. This innovative platform has helped me to achieve my goals and provided my guests with the kind of exposure that they deserve.

Majestic Media Solutions LLC

The potential in TVBF is massive and so glad I invested in this platform sooner than later. There was a learning curve on my end but, the extensive training modules and step by step instructions made it a breeze once I watched them = got my timidity squashed. Key point. Even if I have other video host apps, using the TVBF's is a must game changer.

The tvboss Fire Platform has captured my affection. Though it took me some time to start using it, I found it easy to navigate with the help of the available support and training. Utilizing the 24-hour support, I was able to resolve issues and gain better understanding of the platform. I am thrilled to announce that my clients' channels and advertisements will soon be up and running. This platform has significantly elevated my credibility in my niche.


The TV Boss Fire Platform has not been that way. I have had it for 3 or 4 years, and it has continued to work without issues. The team behind it continues to sustain it, and they are extremely attentive to the quality of this system.
As great as the platform is, the customer service is even better. The customer service is what makes this all so worth it. The TV Boss Fire Team provides 24/7 chat customer support! By that I mean, you can be working on your project in the middle of the night, have a platform-related question, and support will be right there to answer it. This is a next level support in my opinion. And it makes the entire experience with the TVboss Fire platform worth it. Not only does the TVbossFire team have a rock solid product, they have rock solid, next level customer support as well.

K Sylvester

The entire team Ben over backwards to help. I have several channels running and would not have been able to do so on my own. RIP Jonathan you were just one of a team of amazing people. A shout out to the support team and Aaron; do you ever get sleep. I've been online all hours of the day and someone from support always answers immediately or within a very short period of time. I'm very pleased with the entire program.

Bruce Oliver

I want to thank Craig Crawford and tvboss Fire for the vision of helping the small business owners in leveling the playing field for media broadcasting & distribution in a great and big way! Because of your compassion and passion in assisting the 'little guy' in being able to provide media tv services to potential customers and clients, my vision, as well as the vision of other entrepreneurs can be expressed and appreciated -- encouraging others on a larger scale. Thanks again!

Kim Bradley

Craig Rocks!
Craig is really committed to help his clients. TVBossFire, and all the other things he's adding, he's willing to really help people, even when they're behind with the rest, is much more than you find in most other groups.

He's really engaged and what's more, he keeps his word.

I'm a little bit behind myself, but I know, that when I'm ready, to focus, to have my Channel build, Craig, and the whole community plus our AllSuperMan :-) will be here to help me getting it done.


Craig and his team makes it truly easy to write a testimonial. This platform is amazing and creates a space for us to be on the level of the top major streaming apps. So far we have yet to run across a platform that delivers updates to keep its members abreast on what is now and what is to come.

We did not even think that this platform was going to last, as so many don't, but it is still here. Which it gives us a pleasure to write a testimonial on such a great company!

Duane B.

I have been a subscriber to TVBoss Fire for several years. I have to give a shout out specifically to Aaron for his incredible support. Most of my issues have been related to Amazon Fire TV. Each and every time I've had an issue, Aaron has responded nearly immediately (I wonder if he ever sleeps) with the solution to the issue. He has been an absolute godsend
I have scoured the internet for similar services, and nothing comes close to the price point and the level of service provided by TVBoss Fire.

Brian Kelly

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The testimonials and images on this page have been collected/provided to TVBoss by TVBoss users - We do not have any liability to any of the information being false - These testimonials and proof provided on this page were added in good faith and collected from real TV Boss customers

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