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As a community... We are SICK of the frequent scams, trashy products and bad vendors that are not being held accountable for RUINING OUR INDUSTRY!


Whilst earning earning $5,000+ In Prizes For fighting the good fight!

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Help YOUR Customers Avoid The Stresses Of
 Being Ripped Off By Vendors In Our Industry.

We've a community driven SaaS that's designed to help achieve one thing....

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We're SICK and TIRED Of People Doing As They Please...


How often have we witnessed TERRIBLE products... Misleading sales pages.. FAKE Proof, FAKE testimonials... People not issuing refunds... AND MORE.

The Skype groups, FB groups and even whatsapp groups I'm in are buzzing with chatter regarding these scammers and poor products that aren't even what they promise.

The community are fully backing ScamWard because we intend to not only involve you as a community, but the buyers too!

HOLDING vendors accountable is a sure-fire way to help clean up the industry we all work together in.

We're excited to help work towards a positive change within the launch realm and include the buyers in transparency of what's happening online with the vendors they buy from.

We Surveyed Over 50 People Who Purchase Products to Enhance Their Businesses…
The Results Will ABSOLUTELY SHOCK You!

90.00% of those people had been scammed, 8.33% wasn’t too sure… And ONLY ONE
person hadn’t been scammed at all!

This led me to realise there's a HUGE need in the marketplace for
something to help protect our buyers!


So, what is...

The Community Orientated SaaS platform intended
to clean up the launch industry.

How it works:

Users will log into their platform and enter the domain name of any website they wish to scan for malicious intent.


  • A Community Driven Platform

The community will be made up of honest vendors who care about the state of the launch industry/the internet in general and the safety of buyers and the actual buyers that people have been preying upon.

We’re looking for support from the likes of JVZoo (They already have agreed to back us, W+ and the likes of Muncheye.com.

If these vendors can get banned for their actions, then we’re half-way to winning and keeping the industry CLEAN.

We’re also going to be making a full report for the FTC etc.. and submit reports via an API on a monthly basis for them to see and take action (we hope)

ScamWard will posses a database of ALL of the current & past vendors (as many as we can list) allowing buyers to make personal notes on them in their account, rating them 1-5* for the community with HONEST feedback that will be vetted and allow public notes.

We’re also going to have a team of community leaders who will participate in checking websites on the launch day which will allow people to see the review of the honest feedback and a ScamWard risk assessment.

Community leaders will be given benefits for doing so, which will of course have nothing to do with their own personal ratings.

ScamWard will scan domains for following:

  • Testimonials & Proof checker

ScamWard gets to work and scans all images from websites and the option to check if websites/domains are using images from other websites to make fake testimonials and/or fake proof. (This is very VERY useful!)

  • Text Checker!

All text from website to check natural language content like sentiment of text and emotional intensity of sentiment.

Not just this, we’re currently integrating:

  • A.I text-checker

To see if the sales pages have A.I generated content.

  • Plagiarism Checker

To check to see if the sales pages have ripped off other people’s content/copy and used it on their own sales pages!


ScamWard can Check Domain reputation by Analyzing the infrastructure of then domain or IP addresses at scale like:

•      WHOIS Domain Check

Domain Reputation API accesses an extensive repository of WHOIS records and lets you know if the domain’s registrant contact details are redacted or publicly available. It also analyzes its registrant country and checks if it is considered offshore.

•      MX Record Configuration Analysis

The tool analyzes main infrastructure servers, including MX records. It checks several parameters, such as Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) settings.

•      SSL Vulnerability Check

The tool analyzes the domain’s SSL configurations. It warns you if any parameter is not up to standards, including HTTP Strict Transport Security, TLS Authentication (TLSA), and Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) stapling.

•      NS Record Configuration Tests

NS is another infrastructure server Domain Reputation API analyzes. The tool warns you if configurations do not meet best practices.

•      SSL Certificate Validity

Domain Reputation API checks the domain’s SSL certificate and informs you if it is invalid or expired.

•      Malware Database Check

ScamWard scans URLs for potential risks, including phishing, malware, and unwanted software. It offers protection against these threats, integrates with Google Safe Browsing, and provides real-time updates to help developers respond swiftly to emerging risks.

Domain Reputation API scans various malware engines to look for the Internet asset. If found, the tool lets you know so you can avoid accessing malicious property.

We check domain information like names, including ownership details, registration dates, expiration dates, contact information, and more.

SW also scans URLs for potential security threats and suspicious activities. It helps identify and analyze potentially harmful websites, malicious files, and phishing attempts.

Bonus For Users:

We also provide performance analysis and optimization suggestions for web pages, including metrics like page load time, performance scores, accessibility, best practice, and SEO performance.

And soon MORE Services & Vendors...

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SCAMWARD funnel:

Optimized to maximize your commissions, but fair enough to be affordable for our users!

Front end

50% Commission

ScamWard Access

  • $17.00 20 Monthly searches
  • $37.00 60 Monthly searches

Potential Sales: $348.00 - With Recurring included

The Funnel May Change.. But ONLY to enhance money-making potential for your promotion and benefit the users.
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Let's Put A Stop To The Harm Happening Within The Launch Realm!


We're planning to work together to ensure the safety of the buyer community within our circles.

If you're reading this and you're into scamming innocent people... You're going to be targeted when it comes down to being banned from launch platforms and the launch calendars along with being reported to the FTC and even your web hosts & pagebuilders.

It's time to fix your ways, clean up & Join the community wanting to hold these scumbags accountable.

You're either WITH us or AGAINST US - You choose!!!

24th - 26th July Midnight!

Pre-Launch Contest




27th - 2nd August Midnight!

Opening & Closing Contest




4th $250

5th $100

6th to 10th place: $50

*DISCLAIMER: All commissions generated from your promotion must be equal or greater to the prize in order to qualify.
(Which should be pretty easy for everyone Or, else you will receive the next prize in line that your commissions qualify you for. 


Craig Crawford