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Step 2.

Contact our Live support
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We're going to get you setup but we need you to provide us with your details to get started.

Please Send us the following to live support

  • Your best email & temporary password.
  • Your best phone number + country code.
  • Your best available times.
  • Your receipt for this purchase.

If you need to reach out to us EVER contact us via the little chat bubble on the lower right-side of any page you're on with us.

We shall answer as soon as possible.

We are 100% dedicated to your success!

We will begin reaching out to you shortly to get your multiple bonuses and training sheduled, such as:

Live Webinar

Live webinar training dates

one on one

Live one on one live call with mark and the team


Access to the system and bonuses


We shall be in contact very soon,
Craig Crawford


How many channels can I sell?

As many as humanly possible!

How long is the offer open for?

Monday at midnight the latest

How much will this rise to?

We're still planning that! We have always said $5,000 to $10,000

How many others have got the amazing results like I've seen on the presentation?

I can't actually tell! But I know there's more success than I've EVER seen around any other product - People often once they hit big success knuckle down and push one!

How do I claim the bonuses/Perks?

Don't worry! We sign you up to everything/send it to you!

How much should I charge for one channel?

We Recommend $10k + $500 per video uploaded!

When will the calls begin?

They'll be scheduled and lined up over this coming week! We want you all to kick butt!

Can you save me a spot?

Sorry, we cannot! Just so it's fair for everyone!

When can I begin selling channels....